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July 7, 2016
Johnny Hernandez

JJH Auto Body & Shop Small Business Success

JJH Auto Body was started in October of 2009 during the recession but they pulled through to make their business happen. The owners are working hard to meet their shared goals and dreams, even if it means a 16 hour day.


JJH Auto Body se inició en Octubre de 2009, durante la recesión, pero que tira a través de hacer su negocio suceda. Los propietarios están trabajando duro para cumplir con sus metas y sueños compartidos, incluso si esto significa trabajar un día de 16 horas .


June 24, 2016
Johnny Hernandez

Momentum Recycling Division Report

Moving Organizations towards Zero Waste

Reporting Period 01/23/2016 – 04/22/2016

Below you will find your organization’s diversion report which is compiled using information gleaned from Momentum Recycling collection logs

Mixed recyclables 416

reciclabes collected

Based on the EPA’s WARM (Waste Reduction Model) tool, the volume of material you have recycled over the past reporting period has conserved 19.94 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent MTCO2E. Your efforts have produced the equivalent effect of one of the following:

Eliminating chart


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