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June 22, 2017
Johnny Hernandez

How to Wash your Car – 3 Things you are Doing Wrong

3 Things you are Doing Wrong | Car Wash

1. Using the wrong soapcar wash

You need to wash your car with soap that’s gonna suds up a lot, because those suds help move dirt away from your paint to prevent scratches. You also don’t want a soap that’s too alkaline for various reasons. That Dawn Brand Soap you’ve got sitting by the kitchen sink? It’s practically guaranteed to strip off any wax you’ve got on your car, and that’s a big NO, NO. 

 What to do instead: Get something that’s actually made for washing your car. If your car has minor scratches already, use a wash that has small amounts of synthetic wax in it. The wax will fill in those tiny scratches and make everything nice and shiny again.

2. Washing in the sunlight on a hot day

The water-and-soap combo is a lubricant of sorts that helps the mitt glide across the paint without scratching it, but also, as the water dries, the minerals within it wind up etching onto the paint. You know how hard it is to get rid of water spots in your shower? It’s infinitely more annoying having those on your car, and you can’t scrub to remove them. 

 What to do instead: Wash your car either in the morning or evening when the sun isn’t at its peak. In a pinch, you can have a helper constantly run water over the car — it’s not exactly an environmentally friendly solution, but it will keep the paint cool and prevent spots.

3. Using a regular towel

Normal cotton towels are neither very absorbent nor terribly soft. What’s worse: they’re moderately abrasive, so if you’re not drying your car with all the caution of a neurosurgeon, you’re inviting trouble.

 What to do instead: Use a good-quality microfiber towel; because of the way it’s constructed, it will hold more water before reaching its saturation point. If you get a good one it won’t scratch your paint, either.
June 20, 2017
Johnny Hernandez

Customer Reviews June

JJH Auto | June Customer Testimonials

We want to share what some of our customers are saying about JJH Auto Body & Paint quality work.

They all leave the body shop with a big smile on their faces as they see their vehicle fixed and like-new conditions.  We are certified I-Car Gold Class with a professional team to repair any damage that and accident may bring.  For this reason we have different Insurance companies that trust our work and they have not had any inconvenience with JJH Auto.

If you watched these videos that they are real customers, and we asked them to share their experience with us.  Once again thank you all for choosing JJH Auto!

June 7, 2017
Johnny Hernandez

2016 Chevrolet Tahoe Front Bumper Repair

Chevy Tahoe Bumper Installation

Filming in a body shop is not the easiest thing.  We first have to find the right vehicle to film. If a part is missing the project ends there and we need to find a new project.  Sometimes when we arrive to film the technicians have already began working to not waste time. And we look for another project, the fact of the matter is we need to be present at the precise moment and get the right angles.

For this video we had Roberto prepare the bumper of a Chevy Tahoe before installing it.  That alone took about 40 minutes to make sure everything fit nicely before installing the bumper.  Once he was ready we recorded the installation.  Now who is going to watch a 45min video installing the bumper, that is why we sped up the video x62 making the video roughly 30 seconds long.


May 19, 2017
Johnny Hernandez

Acura TL Type S – Paint Booth Time Lapse

Acura TL Type – S

We have one of our technicians Eric, work in the paint booth. Watch him as he paints several parts of and Acura in the booth and makes a perfect match to the original vehicles paint color.
Before he got to this point in the repair he had to prep the vehicle before hand. That is he prepared the area that need to be painted, polished and primed before it goes in the paint booth.  After the paint has dried, it goes back to the sheet metal department to be assembled and test everything to make sure everything work perfectly.  After this the vehicle is detailed cleaned and car washed ready for the customer to pick it up.

May 18, 2017
Johnny Hernandez

Things You Must Do Upon Picking Up Your Repaired Vehicle_Car

Clean Vehicle Is a Must

When you pick up your vehicle, it should have been washed, cleaned and vacuumed, There should be no dirt or dust in the car and definitely no old parts in the trunk.

Closer Inspectionsonata vehicle before and after

Take a close look at the area that was repaired. Look for gaps between body panels first. If the gaps are obviously uneven, that’s a telltale sign of panels not being aligned correctly.

If there was extensive front-end damage to the car, it can be difficult for a body shop to repair perfectly. One way to spot a problem is to look at the distance between the tire and fender. If it is wide on one side and narrow on the other, something wasn’t fixed properly. Another test is to turn on the headlights to ensure that the light beams are aligned.

Paint Jobs: Matching Colors and Consistency

One of the most challenging jobs in a body shop is paint matching. Punching in the factory paint codes gets you 95 percent of the way to matching the color, But the remaining 5 percent has to be done by people who really know what they’re doing.

If possible, look at the car in the sunlight to make sure that the new paint matches the car’s original shade and finish. Also, if the shop repainted several panels, sight along the side of the car to look for color consistency. And finally, examine the paint for runs or imperfections such as hair or specks of dirt trapped in the finish.

When It Isn’t Fixed Right

In some cases, a problem with the repair develops months later. A common scenario is that you notice the car’s front tires are wearing unevenly. This could be a sign that the front suspension hasn’t been straightened and repaired correctly. Find your paperwork and receipt, bring the car back and show the manager the tire’s wear pattern. The shop should fix the problem under the warranty.

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