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July 20, 2017
Johnny Hernandez

Hot Summer vs Tire Pressure

3 tips to keep you rolling this summer!

Summer is here to stay! We all know we need to keep our car tires inflated properly. If you are driving down the road and your car begins to pull slightly to the right or left, this might mean you have a low air pressure on your tire. But do we really know how to properly check and inflate your tires according to the weather?

Tip 1: Check your tires in the morning before you head over to the air pressure pump/gas station. This is important as the pressure increases 1 PSI for 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
Not only that as you begin to drive your tires get warm therefore increasing the tire pressure.

Tip 2: Use a digital  air pressure gage.  I learn this the hard way, always buying the dollar air pressure gage that always read the same tire differently.  Toss it out and buy a digital one, it might be a bit more expensive but it will be worth your money.

Tip 3: Do not inflate to the max.  The PSI number on your tire is the maximum air pressure your tire should be inflated.  Read the owners manual or the side of the driver door to follow the manufacture tire pressure recommendation. 

Bonus tip: Check regularly. as temperature changes so does your tire pressure. We recommend you check at lease once a month, and if your traveling far. By doing so you will keep yourself safe, if you are traveling with your family it will keep your family safe, and it will save you a lot of money on the long run.

July 13, 2017
Johnny Hernandez

Momentum Recycling Diversion Report

Momentum Recycling Report Period 01/23/2017 – 04/22/2017

Below you will find your organization’s diversion report which is compiled using information gleaned from Momentum Recycling collection logs. This report is developed with the intent of:

  1. Informing Momentum Recycling’s clients about successes, challenges and opportunities experienced during the previous recycling period;
  2. Communicating the mitigating impact your recycling program is having on our environment to your staff and your customers; and
  3. Helping Momentum Recycling and your organization determine the level of service that best fits your recycling collection needs.

Thanks for your continued commitment to recycling!

Report 1Report 2

Based on the EPA’s WARM (Waste Reduction Model) tool, the volume of material you have recycled over the past reporting period has conserved 10.55 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent MTCO2E. Your efforts have produced the equivalent effect of one of the following:

Report 3

Please note that these are estimates based on industry averages and do not reflect the exact MTCO2E conserved by recycling and composting the materials in your specific waste stream.

The following contaminants were found during this reporting period:

No Contaminants Reported

Source: Momentum Recycling

July 5, 2017
Johnny Hernandez

Chevy Traverse – Paint Timelapse

Chevy Traverse

Painting can either destroy the process or finish the project.  We hire only the best and qualified to do so.  Jose with over 10 years of experience painting car he has found the best way possible to make a like new paint color that matches the original color.  In this time-lapse we see him painting three parts of the Traverse; the driver side door, the left fender and front bumper. The project took about an hour, and this video shows 40 seconds fast forwarded 45 times.  Contact us for more information. Enjoy

June 22, 2017
Johnny Hernandez

How to Wash your Car – 3 Things you are Doing Wrong

3 Things you are Doing Wrong | Car Wash

1. Using the wrong soapcar wash

You need to wash your car with soap that’s gonna suds up a lot, because those suds help move dirt away from your paint to prevent scratches. You also don’t want a soap that’s too alkaline for various reasons. That Dawn Brand Soap you’ve got sitting by the kitchen sink? It’s practically guaranteed to strip off any wax you’ve got on your car, and that’s a big NO, NO. 

 What to do instead: Get something that’s actually made for washing your car. If your car has minor scratches already, use a wash that has small amounts of synthetic wax in it. The wax will fill in those tiny scratches and make everything nice and shiny again.

2. Washing in the sunlight on a hot day

The water-and-soap combo is a lubricant of sorts that helps the mitt glide across the paint without scratching it, but also, as the water dries, the minerals within it wind up etching onto the paint. You know how hard it is to get rid of water spots in your shower? It’s infinitely more annoying having those on your car, and you can’t scrub to remove them. 

 What to do instead: Wash your car either in the morning or evening when the sun isn’t at its peak. In a pinch, you can have a helper constantly run water over the car — it’s not exactly an environmentally friendly solution, but it will keep the paint cool and prevent spots.

3. Using a regular towel

Normal cotton towels are neither very absorbent nor terribly soft. What’s worse: they’re moderately abrasive, so if you’re not drying your car with all the caution of a neurosurgeon, you’re inviting trouble.

 What to do instead: Use a good-quality microfiber towel; because of the way it’s constructed, it will hold more water before reaching its saturation point. If you get a good one it won’t scratch your paint, either.
June 20, 2017
Johnny Hernandez

Customer Reviews June

JJH Auto | June Customer Testimonials

We want to share what some of our customers are saying about JJH Auto Body & Paint quality work.

They all leave the body shop with a big smile on their faces as they see their vehicle fixed and like-new conditions.  We are certified I-Car Gold Class with a professional team to repair any damage that and accident may bring.  For this reason we have different Insurance companies that trust our work and they have not had any inconvenience with JJH Auto.

If you watched these videos that they are real customers, and we asked them to share their experience with us.  Once again thank you all for choosing JJH Auto!

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